Achieving significant reductions in joinery and furniture weight involves more than simply using veneers over lightweight cores. At AeroLite, we engineer cabinetry and furniture in a way that virtually eliminates conventional support framing and corner blocking. Instead, we utilize true monocoque construction, in which all major loads are carried in the skin panels. We also employ specially developed methods for fastening hinges, latches, and other hardware, methods which correctly spread loadings and assure that our product stands up to the high G-loads encountered in high performance craft operating at speed in a seaway.

For counter tops, back splashes, and even shower/bath enclosures, we further minimize weight by using high quality acrylic and polyester solid surface material in the thinnest sheets available. But we dont stop there. We re-mill those sheets using our own specially developed proprietary technique to remove approximately an additional 30% of the weight in those sheets, without reducing ultimate structural rigidity or impact resistance.

We do all this while maintaining the ability to accommodate a wide array of styles and finishes, both traditional and contemporary. 

Our methods and skills readily accommodate complex designs and shapes, including curved cabinet fronts and doors, highly shaped moldings, and other features inherent to fine furniture design. For small commercial vessel's and military patrol craft, we implement more practical designs and finishes that are suited to the service parameters called out in the governing specifications.

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