At AeroLite, we pay strict attention to critical, but generally unseen detail that significantly affect durability and longevity in service. For example, when mounting hinges, we don't simply bore and fill small holes with epoxy to take the screws; we bond in hardwood or composite plastic inserts that spread the loads involved and assure that cabinet doors do not come flying off when the vessel pounds through a seaway at speed.

For drawer installations, we generally employ very lightweight extruded aluminum with s/s ball bearing drawer slides. These assure smooth, absolutely rattle-free operation, without adding excessive weight. We apply a range of finish coatings, including hand-rubbed alkyd varnishes, and one- and two-part clear polyurethanes. All finish coatings at AeroLite are U-V inhibited. Additionally, we utilize only high-performance adhesives, such as one- and two-part urethanes, two-part epoxies and, when appropriate for installations, methacrylates.

When called for, we install specially fabricated lightweight natural stone countertops and splashes that we have manufactured to our own tightly-controlled specifications. Bolts and screws are always stainless steel, type 316 for the ultimate in corrosion resistance when appropriate and available, type 304 otherwise.

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