We also engineer and fabricate lightweight cabinetry and furniture for crew's quarters aboard small commercial vessels and small fast military patrol craft. As with yachts, the very significant weight savings attainable using the techniques which we employ translate into improved performance, reduced fuel consumption, greater range, and/or increased payload.

Naturally, the rigors of intended service for such vessels dictate slightly different specifications for scantlings and finishes; and in such cases, we use significantly more painted and laminated surfaces. However, our broad and long experience in the use of high-strength adhesives such as 2-part expoxies and urethanes, as well as methacrylates, and our proprietary development and testing of joining methods and point-load reinforcement techniques, serve as well in these sectors as in the area of recreational vessels and yachts.
When it comes to furniture for such vessels, we've developed some pretty unique and exceedingly cost-effective designs. These utilize formed and welded, high-strength 6061-T6 aluminum tubing for basic structure. For cabinetry in these vessels, we utilize cored panels with epoxy-FRP skins, producing structures that are exceedingly light, very strong, and remarkably durable.
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